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Migraine Insight helps users by providing useful, real-world insights based on what’s tracked. Getting started right is all about getting tracking setup correctly.

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What to Track

Auto-tracking & Permissions

Our Team: We are Here to Help

What to Track

The app has automatic tracking and self-tracking.

Automatic tracking: Events are automatically added. This includes location, weather, health (workout) events and sleep. The pattern finder uses these entries to give you results. Some of these entries appear on your log.

Self-tracking: You enter events yourself when you encounter them. These always appear on your log.

This app does a TON of automated tracking.


You often feel like you can’t consistently do what you need to do, whether that’s daily tasks like cleaning and cooking, or broader items like socialize and travel. Chronic pain can be depressing. Even when your migraine pain is well managed, the depression and anxiety from the unpredictability of the pain or frustration of its limitations can be draining. Here are a few items to keep in mind.

Depression and anxiety from the unpredictability of migraines can be draining

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It’s in your head, but it’s not in your head

You’re predisposed to anxiety/depression if you also have migraines

Tracking your migraine triggers will help track your anxiety and depression

Routine also…

Not every attack responds to the same medication. Knowing what to choose can depend on your triggers, what you need to get done that day in “the real world,” and what you have available. Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right medication.

Knowing what to medication choose can depend on what triggers your migraine.

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The morning migraine

The work migraine

The hormonal migraine

The bedtime migraine

When all else fails

The morning migraine

You woke up with your head screaming, and you’re not alone: 71% of migraine sufferers wake up with a migraine. By this time, it means you’re already passed the early stages, and you need something that hits your bloodstream quick. Doctors…

Caffeine has been shown to help migraines and to cause them. Knowing your specific tolerance and triggers around caffeine, and keeping your caffeine levels consistent, just as you would with any drug, is the key to keeping your migraine levels at bearable levels.

Caffeine has been shown to help migraines and to cause them. Tracking your caffeine use is key to knowing how it affects you and your migraines

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So does caffeine help or hurt?

Watch for secret caffeine

So does caffeine help or hurt?

Interesting to know: medical uses of caffeine

The key

So does caffeine help or hurt?

The short answer is: both. Caffeine has been confirmed to treat migraines, and, when added to a combination of over-the-counter or prescription medication, caffeine has been shown to decrease migraine pain by…

Prescriptions work for migraines but can come with uncomfortable side effects. What other treatments exist for those seeking answers outside the normal medical sphere?

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  • Clinical massage therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • The Cefaly headband
  • Oxygen therapy
  • Biofeedback

Clinical massage therapy

There’s massage, and then there’s clinical massage, which is performed by a practitioner familiar with chronic pain and migraines. Examples of clinical massage may be trigger point therapy, craniosacral manipulation on or deep tissue massage. Each of these focuses on specific muscle groups and trigger points known to relieve migraine pain. …

Of course we know Migraine Insight is the best app there is to track Migraine triggers! It’s the most useful tool you can employ to decrease your migraine severity and frequency. But what else is out there to help?

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Acupressure: Heal Yourself

Brainwave: 35 Binanural series


Night shift — you already have it!

Acupressure: Heal Yourself

Acupressure is the idea that manipulating pressure points on the body will relieve migraine tension. Acupressure: Heal Yourself is a collection of 90 pressure points, and how to properly use massage those points to help with migraine pain.

Brainwave: 35 Binanural Series

This app works on the idea that specific…

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Sometimes we can predict when a migraine will hit, but we can’t always predict where we’ll be, or how badly our focus and energy will be affected when it does. Because of these unknowns, we want a migraine help bag ready to go so we can grab what we need without needing a sharp brain.

Here’s what we would put in a migraine help bag:

  1. Your medications.
    As migraine sufferers know, there are a variety of medications and remedies we use depending on the type of attack. …

Having a written treatment plan can be a lifesaver when you’re in pain and can’t think straight. Knowing exactly what you need to do for all eventualities will make dealing with migraine pain easier and less stressful. Here’s how to create a plan for yourself.

Having a written treatment plan can be a lifesaver when you’re in pain and can’t think straight.

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Work with your doctor on the plan

Have a plan for the whens and wheres

Include preventative care in your plan

Tackle the emotional side, too

Write everything down

Work with your doctor on the plan

No matter what treatment plan you land on, make sure your doctor is on the same page. This will make appointments easier and more efficient because…

We’re hoping you’re in-the-know about online support and tools like the great trigger tracking app. But support in real life can just be as important when you’re suffering from migraine pain. Chronic pain can be isolating, and we often miss out on socializing because we don’t feel those without pain can understand what we’re going through. Where can you find this real life support?

Where can you find this real life support?

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Contact local hospitals or specialty clinics

One-on-one therapy

Migraine associations and meetups

Contact local hospitals or speciality clinics

Large hospitals or migraine speciality clinics will often have in-person support groups for migraine pain. These may be weekly or monthly groups at the…

Riboflavin, or Vitamin B2, has been a popular migraine treatment over the past couple of years. But does it actually work? And if so, how should you take it?

Does Riboflavin (B2) actually work?
  • A study in 2016 compared B2 to a placebo with 55 migraine patients and found migraine patients who took riboflavin had a “significant” decrease in frequency and severity of attacks
  • In a different study, B2 was shown in to potentially be as effective as prescription medication in treating migraines — and to cause fewer side effects
  • A third study showed beneficial results in migraine patients who took 400mg of B2 over…

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